I’ve been wanting to contact you
but I can’t figure out what to say

because now it’s 1pm on September 1st
and I’m spinning around in the pink lingerie
you bought me for our anniversary
and I’m spinning so fast,
looking down,
watching the pink ruffles twist and turn
I’m so dizzy and I can’t stop laughing,
waiting for my eyes to focus
and when they do you’re not there
so I keep spinning.
I keep spinning.

because now it’s night time in our small town
and I’m up sitting crossed legged on my perfectly made bed
and I’m tapping my thumbs on my thighs
to the beat of all of the songs we used to sing.

because now it’s me driving across that bridge
to sit in my parent’s driveway
the same way we did when we were 16,
arms crossed in a bed of ants,
laughing into the night
at the same time as the singing crickets.

because now it’s my birthday
I make a wish
and it’s you.

I’ve been wanting to contact you
but I can’t figure out what to say

she said,
“tell me. tell me what you think you’d say.”
I laugh while pulling a lighter
out of the pocket of my yellow sundress
and whisper,
I’d say:

it’s me
and it’s always been you.

so I keep spinning and I keep spinning//d.a.h  (via whisperingbones)
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Aren’t you tired
your heart

Questions for Ada

Ijeoma Umebinyuo

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you stumble into your front yard
for the sixth night in a row
with liquor stained lips and blood filled eyes.
your wife drags you to your bed and, with pity flowing from her eyes,
removes your clothes quickly
as if they are drenched in the sorrow
that claims your soul.
she stares at your exposed skin, as the night vanishes, and makes up prayers that she keeps on the tip of her tongue.
every time you moan or say your son’s name in your sleep,
she weeps quietly and whispers
don’t worry love, the ground swallowed his body but we still have his name.
― midnight | James Strauss (via jamesthatsall)
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